Your LinkedIn Connections Want the Best for you in 2019!

It is Christmas eve, I am sitting in my office tying off a few loose ends so I can truly enjoy the moments to come over the next few (hectic) days, and as I was reviewing a post for LinkedIn, I came across a post that I put out a few months ago. I asked the LinkedIn community to share advice they had for the community in four words or less. This morning when I came across this post, I scrolled through to look at how many wonderful people shared their advice for others to see. I was overwhelmed with a humbling feeling, and decided as we all slow down in 2018 and gear up for 2019, that I would pull all these magical words of wisdom together for you to read and decide how you will be your best self in the year to come. 

Words of Wisdom From your Fellow LinkedIn Community

Just keep on going.

Be more present!

Just don’t quit.

Be true to you.

Never jeopardize your integrity.

Be the change.

There is no spoon. 

Collect great people.

Paint vision with passion.

Roll with the punches.

Be positive.

Keep moving forward.

Stay true to you.

Focus on what matters

Get off your arse.

Live more! Die less!

(Clarification: die is every time you say no to yourself and those around you that you love).

Praise publicly – Reprimand privately.

Work hard. Be nice.

Love always wins respect.

Know what you want.

Give thanks each day.

Be focused, but adaptable.

Focus on the intention.

Trust your gut.

Live your life well.

Enjoy every little moment.

Firm foundations create heroes!

Find beauty in everyday.

Be yourself & never surrender.

Live & let live.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Do not give up.

And as I gear up for 2019, I will be focusing on self-love, strengthening who I am at the core, and helping organizations and women around the world be the best version of themselves by transforming the experiences people have with each other, and the businesses they interact with. In order to do that, my advice for myself (and those who are reading) is to forgive often and be open. We need to forgive ourselves more often, forgive those around us as they stumble, and realize that we are only human. It is not what you do or what happens to you, it is how you react that determines the outcome. Being vulnerable to forgiveness opens up your world to countless opportunities. Be open to the challenges, opportunities, and changes that 2019 brings. Be your best self by believing in you, and everything you uniquely bring to the world. 

Cheers to you and your growth in 2019!



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