Katie Mares: Inspiring Change, Elevating Experiences

The Power Trio: Choice, Experience, Her

The Power of Choice

The Power of Experience

Katie specializes in crafting five-star customer experiences and the female consumer. She has written the best selling book CustomHER Experience and advises businesses on tailoring their strategies to the influential female consumer. Together Katie and the organizations she partners with transforms ordinary customer interactions into standing ovation-worthy experiences.

The Power of Her

Calling all magnificent women! Through the “Ladies Take Control” events, podcasts, workshops, speaking engagements and mentoring, Katie and her team is lighting sparks in women everywhere. It’s all about finding that inner queen – tiara optional, but highly recommended. As a mom and a fierce advocate for women’s rights, Katie’s mission extends beyond the stage. Partnering with organizations like Unsilenced Voices, Katie stands for every woman and every mom finding her voice, her strength, and choosing to stand in HER power.

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