Katie Mares began her customer experience career in 2007.

A new tradition was born on the eve of the twins’ first birthday. While they were wrapped up in their plush blankets and sound asleep, I tip-toped around the main floor of the house, a glass of wine in one hand and scotch tape in the other. It took me three hours to hang all the decorations, wrap their presents, and bake their favorite cookies. I wanted their first birthday to be special, a moment they would never forget.

6 am rolled around quickly, Ela and Noah were awake, and I couldn’t wait to see their reaction. Scooping them up, I pretty much flew down the stairs. Their eyes were wide; even at one, you could see and FEEL their excitement and happiness. They clapped their hands, danced around the kitchen, and ate the yummy cookies. The birthday fairy was born that year. And every year since, she has visited on the eve of their birthday.

If you were to ask anyone in Katie’s life what makes her the happiest, they’d say the food she puts in their belly’s, the special moments she strives to create, and the smiles that those moments (and yummy food) puts on their faces.

“I truly love creating experiences. You know, breaking
the script, making moments stick out above the rest, type experiences. Creating joy for those around me is what I do; it’s who I am at the core. I love making people feel special.”

Katie began her customer experience journey in 2007 and never looked back. She used her passion for creating experiences and to jump start a career focused on helping organizations create memorable and measurable customer experiences. Katie has navigated various industries, studied from the best and made it her mission to become a brand experience expert.

As a female entrepreneur, mom, daughter, and sister, Katie saw a need to captivate the world’s most influential consumer; the woman. Katie is now the go-to expert in tailoring experiences to the decision maker, the woman

As a brand experience expert and Author of CustomHER Experience, Katie knows firsthand the challenges organizations encounter as they strive to design a sustainable and effective BX program tailored for the female consumer.
“CustomHER Experience is called a “must-read for all business leaders” by the CE) and Founder of Reservations.com.”
Katie and her fiance have seven children (a Brady Bunch sorta thing)
When she’s not with her kiddos, she has her toes in the sand and a fly rod in her hand. Katie believes in living life to the fullest so she and her family can create magical moments together.