Women Crave Connection 

Gender defines the way a message is perceived; from sales and service interactions, marketing, and BDC scripting. All of these messages, moments, and service interactions sum up how your customers perceive your overall Brand Experience.

With today’s ‘connected’ society, customers are craving more connection. Yes, we are wanting more connection in a world where we are so very connected to everything and everyone. The trouble is, we are connected to devices, not humans.

According to research by behavioural marketing firm SmarterHQ,  50 percent of millennials not only go to physical stores, but they also prefer going to them as a primary means of shopping.

Gary Ambrosino, The CEO of time trade says “the bottom line is customers value the personal experience of the physical store” he continues to say “We found that shoppers have done their shopping or discovery online, then go into the store to get help with their final purchase decision.”

Another study reveals that 65 percent of Americans also said they prefer to visit a physical store.

The automotive industry isn’t any different. Your customers are doing almost all of their research online; they know what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it before they walk through your doors. However, they still walk through your doors to make the final purchase. Which means you need to be ready to connect with them because let’s face it; price and quality aren’t enough to set you apart from other automotive retailers. If it were, more customers would buy online.

Gender Matters

Women crave connection more than their counterpart gender, men. Moreover, if gender defines the way a message is perceived, then we better get good at connecting with The Chief Purchasing Officer as she holds the most significant influence in a Vehicle purchase and controls over 28 trillion dollars in spending power according to research done by Voigt.

Today’s woman has grown to be more educated, have far more financial power and decision making abilities. Through all this growth for the female gender one thing remains the same; we care an awful lot about connecting with you and are the best at building relationships. Unfortunately for you, we also expect you to be as good (or better) at connecting with us!

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