Transaction into Interaction; A Compass for the Service Drive

It wasn’t that long ago that the Automotive Industry underwent and survived a crisis. I believe we will be facing similar challenges if we don’t re-wire the way we think and how we approach the service experience. The service department is the backbone of the dealership, without its revenue our margins would be tighter than they already are.

A Cox Automotive Maintenance and Repair Study revealed that 57% of dealerships say that service retention is their primary concern, and it should be.

Customers Have Choice

Our customers have a choice; the Decision Maker has a variety of oil and filter retailers she can visit. Let ‘s face it; she is going to dictate where each family vehicle gets serviced.

If you want The Chief Purchasing Officer to choose you, you must recognize that she doesn’t need you, you need her.  If you want her to pick you, you must turn decade’s old transactional service into an interaction.

In the same study, results showed that 86% of dealerships say they do not have a system that facilitates a superior customer experience; this is a problem. How can you expect your team to deliver on your customer’s expectations if you don’t provide them with the tools they need to be successful? You must provide them with a simple system they can follow and adapt to each customer they interact with each day. Technology is great, but not necessary to make change happen now. With or without technology, you can turn the current service transaction on its head with a simple system your service team can follow.

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