Prive Hair Gallery; An Experience Everyone Must Try!

If you follow me on social media, you would have seen my Instagram Story about my most recent experience with a hair salon in my hometown; Prive Hair Gallery. My experience was so great; I needed to write about it, enjoy!

As a busy mom and business owner finding time to get my kids in for haircuts in almost an impossible task. I am usually on the road Tuesday through Thursday which means there is no time during the week and as the moms out there know the weekends are spent playing taxi driver to your kid’s sports activities, birthday parties, and family commitments leaving the weekend near to impossible to fit in a hair appointment.

I had been going to a salon about 20 minutes further from my house than Prive Hair Gallery is and decided I would give them a try as it is more convenient for me; the challenge was going to be finding time in our schedule to get my girls in. I picked up the phone and gave them a call. Right from the first call I was impressed. The young lady who answered the phone was delightful, asked my name and referred to me by name throughout the entire conversation. I was explaining to her that my girls desperately needed to get a trim and I had limited time to get them into the salon. She asked me all the standard questions: what day, time would be best for me and then proceeded to tell me what she had available. Unfortunately she didn’t have anything that would work with my schedule and just as I was about to give up she surprised me by saying “I can offer you an early morning appointment so you can get in before your day starts, lets say 7:30 am?, I will come in and open the salon for you.” and with that I booked the appointment and got off the phone extremely satisfied and impressed.

But wait, it gets better, not only is the team accommodating to your schedule to get you in the door, once you are there the great experience continues.

I showed up at 7:30 am on Saturday morning with my girls and was greeted by name with smiles. They instantly started creating rapport with me, and more importantly my girls. The atmosphere was light, energetic and inviting. Throughout the entire appointment, they continued to make us feel special and attended to our needs. While the girls were getting their hair washed the stylist turned on the massage feature in the chairs they were sitting in and invited me to join them for a message. They then took a picture of the three of us making this a moment we would remember. Cappuccinos were served to mom and interest was taken in my hair needs as well.

We paid the bill and left for the day. That night, I got a text message from the owner checking in to see how the girls liked there new cut and that she hoped to see me soon.

The team at Prive Hair Gallery nailed the guest journey at every touchpoint. Turning a transaction into an interaction and experience that won my girls and me over.

Here are a few key points to their success:

They Care About You and Your Needs

The team at the salon tailored the visit to me and my girls. They asked great questions to build rapport and uncover what our expectations were. They then immediately used this information to increase the positivity of the experience.

They Go Above and Beyond

Prive did not need to open their salon at 7:30 am for me, but they did. They went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule. As a busy mom, this was invaluable.  Receiving the follow-up text was also something that was a surprise which made the appointment come full circle.

They Turn Ordinary Moments into a Memory

When I sat next to my girls in those chairs and got massages, it turned an early morning task into a fun experience. Capturing this moment with a picture made it a special memory for my little ladies and me.

Oh! I forgot to mention; the stylists are EXTREMELY talented! Not only will you have an excellent experience you will leave with beautiful hair!

If you live in the Bloor West area, you must give Prive Hair Gallery Bloor a try! And if you run a salon, use these best practices to improve your customer experience!

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