Five Things you  Should Stop Doing When Serving the Decision Maker; The Woman

I usually focus my writing and conversation with my clients around solution driven language. What you should do to deliver an exceptional and unexpected experience for your customers. Instead, I thought I’d write about what you should STOP doing when interacting with the Decision Maker; The Woman.

If you want to impact at the CORE of your business truly, it’s people, and the experiences you provide, what you stop doing is equally if not more important than the ‘new people-centric programs’ you put into place.

Here are five things you and your team should stop doing when interacting with your female consumer.


  1. Greeting men first when in a ‘coupled’ shopping situation

In an independent study I conducted I found that when a woman is shopping with a man, the man most often gets greeted first. The greeting is the first interaction that will set the tone for the entire journey; it is a customer’s favourite pick up line. Try greeting her first (or at least at the same time). The female consumer will feel like an equal, respected, and open for the journey she is about to experience.

  1. Assuming she doesn’t know what you’re talking about

Women love details, and they want to know those details before making purchasing decisions. Women also find joy in the hunt of the shopping journey; the hunt is where she collects the details she needs to make a decision. So when she steps into your store, on the phone with you, or ready to make a purchase don’t treat her like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about, it’s more likely she knows more than you know.

  1. Thinking of the female consumer as an interruption

She is the most influential consumer in the world. She makes purchase decisions for 3-4 generations in her household. She is the ultimate customer, and it is essential that you know that. She is not an interruption.

  1. Thinking that building relationships is a waste of time

Creating a connection with your female consumer should be the number one priority. It is that connection and relationship that leads to trust. Trust leads to purchase and loyalty. Remove lack of time as an excuse, and make the relationship you have with your female customer a priority.

  1. Thinking she’s just like you!

Women are physiologically different than men. We are simply built different, and you’re in the customer perception business. No longer can you live by the golden rule grandma used to preach “treat others the way you want to be treated”. It’s high time you live by the platinum rule” treat others the way they need or want to be treated”. Take the time to understand the female consumer; this will go a long way in tailoring the experience you offer her!

Women are the world’s most influential consumer; instead of ignoring her influence, appreciate her significance to your business. Take the time to create real relationships, and stop making the common mistakes listed above. Your customers will be happy and so will your top line sales.

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