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Lifestyle; a Female Perspective

  • The Future is Female

    Although the conversation around women and equality has been had over and over again through the years, research shows that progress in equality has not always been the case.  According to women through history have gained and lost power at different times, they share, through their research, that progress is not inevitable – we need to take action to ensure women have a life of dignity and fairness.

    According to Pew Research Centre women make up only 40% of the workforce in more than 80 countries, from 114 nations with data from 2010 to 2016. Across all of these countries, the median female share of the workforce is 45.4%. And according to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company Organization women account for an average of just 16 per cent of the members of executive teams in the United States, 12 per cent in the United Kingdom, and 6 per cent in Brazil- remaining underrepresented at the top of corporations globally. The number of women in the workforce and the number of seats they hold at the table is not growing quick enough!

    A Company Taking Action!

    It takes a company like Boston Seaport that will propel female focus in the professional world. Seaport has installed an excellent concept called “She Village” at The Current in Boston.

    The Current; She-Village is a pop-up village with a permanent presence just off of bustling Seaport Boulevard. On a rotating basis, it will play host to a different collection of retailers connected by a common theme that changes periodically. She-Village will be the first pop-up village concept inspired to shine a light on the bold and visionary women shaping the future of retail; this mission-driven concept knits together an incredible block party of female-founded and fashion-forward brands that share a common storyline of passion, purpose and empowerment.

    More Doors for Women to Walk Through

    On average, it takes a woman being asked 14 times before she says yes to an opportunity. We often stand in our own way when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, starting our own businesses, or taking small risks that could lead to big rewards!

    Another company that is taking a big stance on giving females more opportunity and opening more doors for women is General Motors. General Motors operates in a typically male-dominated industry and is paving the path to equality in the automotive sector!

    In a recent article The ‘Extra Oomph’ that changed GM, Auto News featured GM’s Mary Barra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer who is the first female CEO of a major global automaker. Barra also put a female CFO in place at GM, giving female influence a seat at the table.

    In her effort to build a strong culture for females in automotive GM has also established the GM’s Women’s Retail Network where women get the exposure they need to get ahead in such a male-dominated industry; opening more door for women to shine.

    With concepts like She-village and leaders like Barra at GM; more doors will open for women, so they feel comfortable to say yes, feel supported by other female powerhouses and take the leap they need to close the gap on equality and increase the female influence at the table! The Future is ours; the future is female; if we are willing to grab the opportunities and run with them!

  • Appreciating The Little Moments This Summer…

    Often we get caught up in the busyness that the whirlwind called life blows our way; this summer I have made a vow to myself to try and be more present (the operative word is try!). And in trying, I will be focusing on reading, creating, and sharing laughs with my kids. Because of this little promise I am making to myself and my family, I will be taking a break from my blog until September. I will be back in action this fall ready to share all the little unique experiences I have had with all of you!

    Break the Script!

    I challenge you this summer to feel yourself breath at least once each day, and take in the moment that sits right in front of you! Do something exciting! Break your autopilot routine and indulge in the power that each moment holds.  In a recent article I wrote called You May Not Be As Productive As You Think, I revealed that research says it’s better for you to take these moments to rejuvenate!

    Long hours at work increase your risk of heart disease by 40%, making it almost as dangerous as smoking, reports BBC Capital. Also, the extra hours at work aren’t likely to help you get more done. One British survey found workers were only productive for a little less than 3 hours in an 8-hour workday. It states that you’re better off taking time to do nothing, allowing your brain to enter a resting state called the default-mode network. That precious time gives us space to develop new ideas and make connections that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    In closing, take some time to breathe, rejuvenate, break the script, and appreciate the little moments the summer hands you!





  • Look Up!

    Some of us are familiar with the YouTube video ‘look up’, if you are not, check it out here; Look up. This short five-minute video had me consciously thinking about all the moments that pass us by without notice.

    I saw this video about a year ago, and since then I have been trying hard to consciously put the phone down and interact with those around me. I am glad I did that day in Key West.

    I walked out of the Key West airport in Florida on a sunny Thursday afternoon. Dressed in all black (surprise, surprise 😜) with my hat pulled all the way down to cover my eyes and my dark sunglasses on. I was tired from my 7-hour travel and was ready to get to my hotel with the hopes of catching a bit of vitamin D (and a tan!). Well, my Uber driver had other plans! He pulls up with a massive smile on his face and instantly my ‘tired mood’ had lifted. I decided to put my phone away and have a conversation; I am so glad I did.

    We got to talking about what I did for a living (I explained that I was a speaker) and he asked: “like motivational speaking?” I answered “something like that” then he quickly followed by telling me that he also did some motivational speaking for Narcotics Anonymous (NA). He went on to say that he finds such joy in giving back and using the gift of recovery to help those who struggle with addiction like he once did. I was blown away by his bravery, honesty, and venerability. This conversation hit a chord having grown up with addiction all around me.

    Not many people know my life’s tale (I will share it one day), but it is my life’s mission to give back to families that suffer from addiction. I felt that Thursday afternoon was a sign to keep moving forward with my plans to start a not for profit foundation to help families of Addicts, as my Uber driver says (and I believe); addiction is a family disease.

    I am glad I put my phone down that day and looked up. I met an extraordinary person and felt the world aligned so I would know that the path I am on is the right one.

    Look up every once in a while; there are defining moments to take in all around us.