The Female Consumer; Understand HER Influence.

The Female Consumer; Understand HER Influence. A few summers ago ( oh heck, way back pre COVID ), my house was the place to be for my kids, their friends and all the moms. Around 3:32 pm every Friday, my front door opened and closed as a revolving door in a fancy hotel on the […]

Connecting the Dots

Phycologists say that humans rarely take on new behaviors past the age of 16 unless they experience a significant emotional event. Traditional training in a classroom, didactical lectures, or even e-training does not provide learners with a high enough emotional impact; leading the knowledge learnt through training that comes and goes like the tide of […]

The Female Car Buying Experience: Journey Through Her Eyes

Why does it matter; why should you tailor the brand experience to the Decision Maker; the woman? Besides the fact that women are the original social media, sharing their stories of outstanding experiences and happenings in life with just about anyone that will listen, they have now been given a platform to spread their message […]

Experiential Branding Matters Because “She” is the Influencer

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? I remember the first time I fell in love. I was 15 years old and was head over heels for my hockey player boyfriend. Right before I would meet him, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, my sweaty palms, the goosebumps on my […]

Watch Out! Women are Dominating the Roads.

I recently read a great article As Sexy Cars Take The LA Spotlight, Women Take The American Wheel where the author Micheline Maynard spoke about the steady influence of the female consumer, not only on the purchase of vehicles (or the decision to purchase,) but also that women drivers now outnumber male drivers. The auto […]

Five Things you  Should Stop Doing When Serving the Decision Maker; The Woman

I usually focus my writing and conversation with my clients around solution driven language. What you should do to deliver an exceptional and unexpected experience for your customers. Instead, I thought I’d write about what you should STOP doing when interacting with the Decision Maker; The Woman. If you want to impact at the CORE […]

Three Ways Organizations Can Change Their Experience For The Better

In this series of  “The Decision Maker; A Woman’s Perspective on Customer Experience”, I will outline my experiences as a customer (a female customer) as I experience them! This first post takes place in Miami at an upscale hotel; when NO was the only option. I landed in Miami for a series of business meetings […]

How to Tailor your Brand Experience to the Decision Maker – The Woman

The Chief Purchasing Officer Gender defines the way a message is perceived, from sales and service interactions to marketing, and call center scripting. All of these messages, moments, and service interactions sum up how your customers perceive your overall Brand Experience. A Tailored Experience For The Decision Maker So why would you want to take the […]

Customer Intimacy; A Step Closer to A Tailored Experience

In a recent article I read in Automotive News Lincoln; Home Visits Revealed Customer’s Passions, Lincoln revealed the importance of getting to know their customers at a very intimate level. Lincoln has seen an impressive four consecutive years of global sales gains, what do they attribute this growth to? Getting to know their customers! Getting […]

When It’s Not Your Fault, But You Fix It Anyway; A Woman’s Point Of View

Raise your hands or nod your head if you have ever gone into a brick and mortar store with your kids and they decided to run around, talk loudly (or yell), and climb things they shouldn’t (insert emoji with hand raised here). It can be (and often is) frustrating and embarrassing. This was precisely what […]

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